Tuesday, 20 March 2018

The names FASH, GFASH. 00 STYLE.

Bond is a character every man aspires to be. Even if it is just in appearance. He is sharply dressed, wears well-cut, and sophisticated clothing, visits exotic beautiful locations and saves the world all whilst being a gentleman. When seeking dapper inspiration there is no finer example than 007.
Photographer: Irina Krupovich

With that inspiration in mind and an invite in hand to attend The Globe-Trotting PR, A Caring Experience at Hotel Plaza Athenee in Paris, I chose to unleash my own 00 style but step away from the usual traditional tuxedo. I required something a little more lavish.

Times have changed and the velvet suit is no longer the armour reserved for Austin Powers to fight Doctor Evil or for the bunny partying late Hugh Hefner. Velvet is back, in all its plush luxurious glory, assuring refinement and elegance. Hence why it continues to take over my wardrobe. Velvet is ultra luxurious with its chic polished style and adds some serious grunt to an outfit with its subtle yet commanding presence.


Photographer: Irina Krupovich

A typical suit worn for work or less-formal events such as business meetings and attending weddings would not suffice for such an event, nor would off the rack. Having researched off the rack tuxedos from a number of Australian brands, I was told the suit would require multiple alterations to have it fit my frame perfectly. As my new year resolution is to shop smarter and better, I knew that I would not be happy wearing a suit that many other gents had, yet alone the cost involved of the suit and further costs for multiple alterations. For this occasion there was no other choice than to go bespoke, made to measure. It’s what Bond would do.

With this in mind it was an ideal choice for this very special event to visit The Spectre Collection prior to departing Melbourne to discuss the event, purpose of the event, who would be in attendance, and of course of my personality and style. With anything in my wardrobe it needs to suit(see what I did there)my personality.
Photographer: Irina Krupovich

The final product was absolutely outstanding and one of my favourite outfits I wore in Paris. The tailoring is exquisite for the modern guy with its subtle details in the lapel, pockets and don’t get me started on the lining. Small details make for simple classic elegance, which is what really defines a Bond look. A traditional tuxedo would feature a satin lapel and a stripe down the side seam of the pant. As much as I enjoy military details I wanted the luxurious modern blue and black plush fabric to speak for itself. 
Complimenting the suit, I had a custom made to measure shirt created, which I believe every gent should have in his wardrobe. You would assume incorrect if you thought this would hit your wallet hard. Truth is, custom made shirts are roughly the same price as quality made shirts hanging in most department stores around the country. I opted with further customisation with double cuffs, to show off suave cuff links of course. A classic white shirt is all a man truly needs and will always be a wise investment. 
Photographer: Kseniakuznetsovaphotography

A velvet suit is not traditional black tie, but who follows the rules these days? Tick the black tie dress code boxes by adding a bow tie for a more formal look. I opted for a black velvet bow tie that has been making a strong impact on menswear thanks to designers such as Tom Ford. However this suit would look equally as good with a traditional tie. 
Photographer: Kseniakuznetsovaphotography

When wearing such a suave suit you also need the appropriate footwear. Ticking more boxes like I did by opting for a black patent lace up. Just be sure to go up a size when first purchasing as patent rarely gives and moulds to your foot like normal leather does. As much as I love my patent shoes, I binned them after a few wears trotting around Paris due to them being ridiculously uncomfortable. 

I can hear your questions now. How and where would I wear such a suit? Traditionally a suave suit such as this should only be worn only after 7pm or to private and public dinners, events, balls, and parties where dress code is enforced. In my case A Caring Experience by le Monde de GHRIBI

Once again the suit can also be worn as two seperate pieces and down graded to smart casual attire. A good pair of dark tailored trousers or even dark denim jeans, open collar shirt, or no collar, all would be a great looks for dinner, dates or heading out to a bar. Obviously velvet shouldn’t be worn in summer but is perfect for blocking out the winter chills. 

So what are you waiting for? Unleash your inner 007 by giving your evening attire a lavish spin. Take a classic and make it your own.

Sunday, 18 March 2018

SPATIVM MODA - Salon Presentation

As fashion trends come and go, and elaborate stunts on the catwalk reach new extremes to keep consumers interested, a lot can be said for the elegant tradition of an intimate presentation. 
eLsi FVCINA Luxury Milan Fashion Week 2018
eLsi and FVCINA Luxury Combined

During Milan Fashion Week I had the delight of attending a salon presentation with a curated assortment of luxury designers helmed by Taerus PR. A salon presentation is a strong medium for showcasing collections outside of the traditional runway and this presentation communicated luxury designs to the press and public hosted by TB Milano.

At a runway you have approx 15 seconds to study the details of a garment and view a gracious bow or wave from a designer. At an intimate salon presentation you will experience the products up close and personal and able to inspect the details and hear about the design process. Walking into the TB Milano showroom was like walking into an elegant giant closet consisting of pure luxury items. It allowed designers to display their collection in a more intimate setting, and encouraged interaction between brands and the audience. 
Circled Life Fashion Design
Circled Life by eLsi

This was such the case with eLsi coutuer. eLSi is an Armenian prestigious fashion house who debuted their new collection in Milan. Having the opportunity to see the colourful collection “Circled Life” personally and up close was an art form in itself where the audience can get closer to the elegance of clean lines, bold colour and notable pieces that can be worn various ways. More bang for your buck.

Musher Italia displayed leather goods including jackets, gloves and small leather goods. The craftsmanship and attention to details are exquisite with their leather studded and embossed techniques. Classic design lines with a funky and fresh use of details making their pieces androgynous and very powerful. All I could think of was how much Lucy Liu would totally rock their jackets.

luxury leather goods Musher Italia Milan fashion
Leather details by Musher Italia

Utterly thrilling was the brand Fvcina. The epitome of absolute luxury. The designs are all hand crafted combining beautiful materials and bold colours. Their Devine use of animal skins are the things that lavish dreams are made of. From python to crocodile, and clutches adorned with emerald stones, Fvcina is the true definition of luxury. The classic lines of their bags, satchels and clutches are pleasing to the eye, and upon closer inspection the hardware and lining is unmistakeably bold and modern. Fvcina and their creative director Stefano Sanvido clearly understand their client who appreciates beautiful items made to the highest of quality. Speaking with Mr Sanvido he discussed how the precious metal hardware is constructed in one single piece and how each innovative piece is all hand made. The creative process is flawless and the finished products speak for themselves and will have you salivating at the mouth. Furthermore they offer full customisation! Now that’s luxury.

Gfashcollective with  FVCINA Creative Director Mr Stefano Sanvido

Whilst my focus was on the fashion, it was hard not to be enthralled by the art that was on display by Giorgio de Chirico. As I have always said, and now heard echoed across to our European cousins, fashion is art, art is fashion. Beautiful sculptures and artworks adorned the showroom. 
TB Milano Showroom MILAN FASHION WEEK 2018
With the dedicated effort from Taerus PR and TB Milano showroom the reimagined fashion presentation is here to stay.

Saturday, 10 March 2018


Pink has been making its mark on menswear the last few seasons with a hue called Millennial Pink. People all over the globe have been embracing this colour, including men. Heard the term “Real men wear Pink”? The same could be said for double-breasted blazers. Once reserved for the older gent, they have had a resurgence in recent years with the youth. So what happens when you combine the two?
Personally I have been wearing pink forever as I find it modern and timeless. Although for my trip to Paris Fashion Week, I needed to update my wardrobe with a statement suit that was more sartorial than safe, so what better colour than Pink!

Trotting from catwalks to trade shows at Jardin des Tuilerie, the suit definitely made me feel like I was in Parisian movie, popping perfectly against the beautiful streets of Paris (you can see more of this on my instagram). It is sophisticated, chic and modern look whilst making me feel very suave as I strutted between Fashion Week locations.

Paris in winter is beautiful. Paris in winter, in Pink….even better. If you are looking for a colour to upgrade your wardrobe, then look no further than unleashing your personality with a bit of pink. But now you are probably thinking you can only wear this brave colour to a fancy occasion like fashion week? Insert buzzer sound here. I will come back to this after I consume a croissant.
Double-breasted blazers are best suited to leaner gents, (although it can still suit a bigger or wider man) or stick insects like myself who are tall and have long limbs as they create a silhouette that emphasises broad shoulders and a narrow waist. The same as tapered trouser works for lean legs. How do I know this?

Knowing how to dress in ways that flatter your body can help you confidently strut your stuff, which is where bespoke comes into play. With bespoke you are forced to take a good hard look at your features, like leg length, width of your shoulders, torso length, all of this is taken into account to build the perfect pattern for your body shape. Building the blocks and knowing what does and does not work for you ensures you feel comfortable and brings you confidence. Every person should experience bespoke just once so they can be educated on what works on their body. Real confidence comes with excepting your personal quirks, long limbs and all.

The team at The Spectre Collection worked with my long limbs on this delightful pink suit. They understood that I required something that was going to pop, that was classic yet still showcased personality. The team knew that I was attending fashion week in Europe and required a certain uniqueness and were very encouraging of creating something outside the box. I have had bespoke menswear before but never like this. It is wonderful to create items based on your personality and needs. The Spectre Collection will do anything for you. Your desires are their wish. My wish……….chic French piiiiiiink!
So back to ways to incorporate pink and double-breasted blazers into your existing wardrobe. This whole suit can still be worn casually (think a tee and some casual canvas shoes) and the trousers could be worn separately (think just a polo or shirt and some white kicks). The easiest way to dress down the double-breasted blazer is to wear it with chinos or some denim. The effect of the blazer is accentuated by pairing it with a simple chino, maybe in a navy or a boring beige.
For the cautious man, pink combines beautifully with navy, black and almost any neutral colour whilst still being daring and vibrant. For the extrovert (me) it combines wonderfully with brash oranges, bold red, deep plums and hues of yellow. A geometric print wouldn’t hurt your ensemble either, a combination of zebra or leopard. The possibilities are endless.
I have noticed the French do wear strong colours but tend to pick one or two shades rather than vibrant clashes. They really are the masters of "effortless" looks. A key lesson I have learnt in a short time observing the fashion pack on the streets of Paris, is that clothes don't have to be totally form-fitting. For someone who likes his clothes skin tight, it was refreshing to wear inspired pieces that oozed this chic French style.

Add a little sartorial elegance to your wardrobe, wear pink! Better still wear Pink in Paris.

Au revoir

Photographer: Irina Krupovich

Tuesday, 27 February 2018


It is my first overseas trip in over 7 years and boy am I doing it in style. The reason for the trip? Besides escaping the office and deserving a good holiday, research! Melbourne is ranked number 28 and Sydney 34 as fashion capitals of the world and it was time to step out the boarders of Australia and see how the Europeans do fashion week. Hello fashion week Milan and Paris.
The woman collection fashion shows are the most awaited moment of the international fashion system. The "Big 4" Milan, Paris, New York and London. They are the leaders in clothing and design for both men and women. First stop Milan. Milano Moda Donna has two annual editions: September/October (spring/summer collection) and February-March (fall/winter collection)which is the one I am attending. So far it has been absolutely amazing to be a part of the action:. 

Coming from an Australian summer to the cold of a European winter had it's challenges when it came to packing but I thought I’d give you a glimpse of what’s in my suitcase to wet your appetite. Luckily there are some amazing bespoke menswear companies in Australia that bring some serious flavour to menswear and landed in my suitcase. I was lucky enough to pack some splendid winter pieces in my case to visit Duomo Di Milano and flounce past window displays that caused me to foam at the mouth at Piazza del Duomo.
Street style Milan 2018
I will cover off on the mind blowing experience of Milan Fashion Week in a later post(stay tuned) but for now, onto one of my favourite pieces in my case.  

I first saw this blazer on the FASHFEST runway in 2017, a bewitching purple velvet suit strutted down the catwalk and I was captivated by it. The designers are the team at Braddon Tailors BT It is super luxurious and is one of those iconic pieces that just screams style with its charismatic features. It is classic, a little sexy, opulent and completely fresh in this shade of majestic purple. This was the blazer I knew I would wear to an exclusive fashion party on the other side of the Duomo Di Milano from my hotel. I knew skipping across the pigeon flocked square would be something right out of an Italian cinematic movie. And it was. 
GFASHCOLLECTIVE in Milan Fashion Week
Every inch of this city is totally Instagram worthy.  All I can think about is photoshoots and how I would capture it if I was filming. It is somewhere between Hollywood's heyday of shooting in Italy and feeling like I you are constantly in a vogue shoot. But you cannot feel either way without having the right clothes to accompany such a magnetic backdrop. 

Milan Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2018
My love affair with double breasted has been a rocky road to say the least. Most ready-to-wear double-breasted blazers are less flattering as they are made for mass production and to fit an “ordinary” body. This is why it is the perfect excuse to shop smarter and having one made bespoke, and if you do there is no reason it shouldn’t be very flattering. Building a wardrobe that brings you confidence means saving dollars on current trends and investing in pieces that will stick by you for seasons to come. It has taken a little bit of experience with double breasted to embrace the style fully but one thing I have learnt is once you go bespoke, you wont go back!

So far I have observed that Italians wear everything from bold statement pieces to minimal silhouettes in punchy colours, and have such a unique take on personal style. It truly is inspiring and I feel energised by being surrounded by this constant smorgasbord feast for the eyes. I am so relieved to see maximalism has returned.Both men and women just throw out the rule book and have fun with clothes and how they are wearing them. Which is really the Italian culture is it not? 

Bravo Bravo

Photography by Tania Volobueva

Tuesday, 13 February 2018


Being from the fashion capital of Australia, Melbourne, I have a lot of expectations when it comes to fashion events. Melbourne is known as the “fashion capital” and we expect a lot from runway line ups, style and lifestyle. But what will Milan and Paris be like?
The womans fashion shows are the most awaited moment of the international fashion system. In Milan I will be attending one of the most important prêt-à-porter trade shows The One Milano as well as numerous shows and party's. I am looking forward to seeing what is forcasted and will eventually land on Aussie shores in four or five seasons. 

The invites from wonderful brands and organisers have rolled in and my itinerary is looking very solid for Paris as well. Fashion is the love of my life and I am very much looking forward to sharing all this wonderful content with you all via Instagram and Facebook

Over the past 12 months I have spent a considerable amount of time attending fashion events across the land down under. Hordes of bloggers, influencers and wannabes present their best offerings in the hope of striking fame whilst attending these shows with no real interest in the fashion. Of course these events are made to showcase the designers talent and for the dedicated fashion addicts and junkies like myself who want to be inspired and fall in love with the creativity and beauty of creative clothing.

In one short week I will board the plane and venture to Milan and Paris for the first time for fashion week. I am beyond thrilled to see the difference between Australian street style and what appears to be effortless European chic, let alone the talent of the runways and at the trade shows. At present there is snow on the streets of Paris and Milan appears to be gearing up for a week of fabulous fashion. 

As an Aussie that has never been to Milan or Paris, I think my heart is going to melt at all the wonderful chic people and it will be an experience like no other. After all both cities are in the “Big 4”, the 4 biggest cities for fashion is the world. 

I have always wanted to visit Paris since I was a young boy and now this Aussie will finally be able to stand in front of the Eiffel tower and let out a tear of joy right in the middle of fashion week. I wonder how many Instagram posts will follow?

Most of the fashion shows in Australia tend to produce safe versions of well groomed and pruned ensembles ready for the everyday consumer offering not much inspiration. The flare for dramatics or igniting a point of difference is what I am looking forward to and the use of colour, prints, fabric, materials and silhouettes. And the people!

I always have an appreciation for the talent of up and coming designers as well as established brands and am I am super excited to visit a number of stores I have been referred to for shopping.  

I feel so inspired at a fashion show, from seeing someone’s creativity come to life, if it be hair and make-up, styling, modelling and or of course the clothes. The runway is electric with energy, the synergy of all the creative teams coming together in such a dynamic way, and I binge feed on it as it ignites desires and lust for what I see on the runway.

I fear that I will not want to return after gorging on all the wonderful activity. Can you imagine the shopping!

Better make some room in my suitcases.

Monday, 5 February 2018


It appears that the men's short romper has finally been put to bed in 2018, and that's where it exactly should stay. 

No longer are shorts reserved for just weekend casual looks, they have been edging their way into the professional work space arena the last couple of seasons. So why not a really awesome summery short suit?
Although most men will play it safe and stay with their classic looks of wearing pants in souring heat, I say break the mold and invest in a quality short suit for summer. The short suit provides old school class, Miami Vice meets fashion forward, and you can update your look without busting the bank account. It is super versatile and you can wear the pieces separately or together and play mix and match with existing wardrobe items. 
Mens Summer Fashion 2018
Now I can hear the men already saying "I can't wear that to work". YES YOU CAN! If a woman can wear a short skirt to the office, spaghetti straps or low cut tops, what is the harm of a gentleman showing off a pair of calves? In a day and age of equality and diversity it is time for men to reclaim their calves and let them breath!
Although the short suit may have you queuing for the stepper at the gym, there is some relatively easy steps to take in selecting this new addition to your closet. I followed these same steps when approaching The Spectre Collection who made this gorgeous lime green linen suit. 
Menswear trends 2018
If you follow me on Instagram you now that in summer I become a total beach rat. There is no where else I would rather be to cool down, people watch and just relax in the sun.

As the short suit is definitely a summer outfit you will require light materials such as linen, cotton which are perfect choices.

Wear bright colours, it is summer after all and you do not want to look like you are back in boarding school. Light colours will always be in style and worth the investment. 

Fit, obviously with any purchase fit is important. In summer you do not want something skin tight holding in the heat. Well fitted with room to move and letting your skin breath is essential. 
The hem of your shorts should sit just above your knee cap, no more than three inches and please, do not make them longer and hanging over your knee like board shorts. Hippy pants maybe fine for Byron Bay but are not fashion forward in any sense.  

This new addition to your wardrobe will have you being stylish for the warmer months and years to come. 

Stay cool

Tuesday, 16 January 2018


The fashion obsessed trotted(see what I did there) into Portsea anyway they could this past weekend, by bus, helicopter or even by boat. Dressed in their best threads to impress the masses, the crowd spent the day on the sidelines, sipping their cocktails, listening to music, whilst watching the sport that is popular with high society and the Royal Family. For a day the Melbourne social scene migrates to Peninsular for The Alfa Romeo Portsea Polo. It is an annual event offering up polo, fashion and celebrity spotting which is one of the hottest tickets on the social season calendar in Melbourne during summer. 

Shirt: @prada

Let’s be honest, only a handful of attendees actually purchase their tickets with the intention of watching opposing teams scoring points on the polo field, but rather for the opportunity of rubbing shoulders with politicians, celebrities and the wealthy. People fly in in from interstate to attend as it really is one of only a handful of events where you can play with the rich and famous in such a small environment. Marquees line the arena and inside are the fashion pack sporting their best polo looks.


Malinda wears: @charly_thorn_designs

On the day the ladies had their fair share of picnic at hanging rock lace and crochet frocks that were topped off with straw hats and the most rented bag in Australia, the YSL tassel handbag (so over this bag, can we move on ladies!). It was great to see a number of the ladies branch out and wear some bright colours and prints, but the interesting footwear to tread the grass arena peaked my interest with many opting for colourful wedges and embellished shoes. One of the refreshing ensemble highlights was a sunflower short one piece that was all kinds of sass. The females definitely took more risks when it came to their ensembles than men with many adorning their perfectly GHD'd curled hair wrapped in a head scarf. The smartest accessory of the day was truly an umbrella, with the weather playing havoc with downpours that would last from a minute to 40 minutes it was the ultimate weapon to save you from looking like a drowned rat.

It is always nice to be surrounded by so many people who take pride in what they wear and it is a fantastic event to get dressed up in your finest to mingle at such an aristocratic event.

Preparation for the polo can start months and weeks in advance to ensure that your outfit is on trend with many planning their outfit in advance and scheduling an appointment with their tailor or designer of choice. Women tend to shop months in advance so they do not run into another lady wearing exactly the same dress. My sources on the day were keeping count of how many frocks were repeated with one tally hitting 7. Guess it pays to plan ahead ladies.

I never like to look like anyone else and tend to be prepared in advance. For those of you that know me, I am not afraid to stand out in the crowd and rarely shy away from wearing unique colourful pieces, or unusual prints, and for the polo this year I wanted to take it one step further with the help of The Spectre Collection with a personalised piece no other gent would have in the arena.
For the educated fashionista the popular dress code for males is usually a blazer, linen shirt and a pair of chinos. Rarely do you see a man that is not wearing blue or beige. Think of a preppy frat boy, Polo Ralph Lauren commercials or any 90s slasher flick where frat boys meet their doom by a knife wielding maniac. If you can imagine it, that is pretty much what you will see. A sea of muted pastels, sweaters over the shoulders, polo shirts in crisp white, fitted knee length shorts paired with loafers. 

Whilst most gents opted for plain, light colours or stripes and checks in linen, lightweight cotton shirts, it was great to see some guys experiment with florals, double breasted blazers, bold colours, collarless shirts and runners instead of loafers. It was fantastic to see a handful challenging what is traditionally the classic polo look. I congratulate these men on wearing their bright hues of blue and purple, patterned fabrics and pops of pink. Well done boys.
There was so much beige in the arena this year I could have made a fortune if I opened a stain removal service stand at the entrance. Beige, beige, beige, some more beige, wait there is some more beige followed by a little more beige. I have not seen so many blue blazers with beige trousers on men since I visited Adelaide for Adelaide Fashion Week last year. As much as I respect the traditional dress code I was half expecting a flash mob to Backstreet Boys. 

So back to planning in advance. I visited The Spectre Collection showroom and met with the delightful Joanne to discuss the event, my style and personality. Their attention to detail both in design and fit is a rarity with the team working with you on a design to personalise it to your needs. The result? A fantastic vibrant yellow satin blazer with unicorn motif with brown lapel. This I knew no one else would have which is something I love about bespoke suiting. It is perfect opportunity to be unique and personalise your wardrobe. The team at The Spectre Collection nailed this blazer and have the ability to combine style, fit, quality, your personality, into one item. Their customer service is excellent and not just in the showroom, from start to finish the process was flawless, professional and fun. A lot of brands both male and female could learn a lot from the team at The Spectre Collection, especially around customer service.  
Ben and I both wearing: The Spectre Collection

Back to the polo! Between chukkers the arena converts into a runway for both men and ladies strutting the field to people watch and be watched. Whilst the rain dampened the field and created a few side stepping puddles, people took the opportunity when the sun broke to lap the arena. It is a great way for meeting people and I was stopped many a time by both ladies and gents asking where I found this one of a kind blazer. A pair of delightful ladies stopped me mid walk to ask why I did not enter the fashions on the field, an investor stopped me to ask if I would be interested in joining his hedge fund as he clearly thought I had money to burn wearing this blazer, I had numerous young lads ask if they could try on the blazer and was stopped to take pictures with people I would likely never see again. It still amazes me how fashion can be a conversation starter and bring people together who would not normally converse.

Whilst the rain may have kept the crowd smaller this year and people inside their expensive marquees as compared to previous years, the day was still full of fun and plenty of entertainment.

Somehow I think I will be visiting The Spectre Collection prior to my trip to Milan and Paris next month. Look out world, I think I am going to have a new addiction to support.

Stay tuned to Instagram for much more.

Wednesday, 10 January 2018


Summer usually means less style with long days spent at the beach to stay cool. For men you can stay cool whilst looking good when the temperatures soar.
Men's beach looks summer
Shirt: James Harper
Shorts: Boohoo
Shoes: Lacoste
I am a huge fan of  the beach as I am sure so many of you are. It is relaxing, with nothing to do but read a good magazine, dips in the water and sunning yourself on the sand like a lizard. 
Swimwear for men 2018 trends
Swimwear: Marcuse
Shorts of course are a wardrobe necessity in the Australian sun. When I find a style that fits I purchase them in every colour possible. For my long 34 inch legs finding shorts that fit in all the right places can be significantly hard. 
Shorts: Boohoo
Shirt: YD Australia

I enjoy the preppy style, but do like to mix it up with some pastels or bright colours, it is summer after all which is the funnest season of all when it comes to lifestyle. One of the safest choices is navy shorts and a classic white shirt. There is so much class and elegance in a shirt that is multi- purpose.
Summer in Australia
Shorts: Connor 
Shirt: Oxford
Swimwear: Marcuse
You don’t have to play it safe. Black or navy shorts can add new life to your existing wardrobe by adding a colourful solid shirt or florals. Branch out and try to work them into your wardrobe. You will look effortlessly chic for any beach encounter. 

So head to the beach in something practical yet comfortable. 

Stay tuned to Instagram and Facebook for more updates on my daily looks. There is much coming up over the next few weeks that you will want to see! Happy new year!